IES GS Video Lectures Related

Are the videos already available or will be uploaded through out the year?

These are pre recorded videos as the majority syllabus is static in nature. The dynamic portion like current affairs will be uploaded throughout the year. Some of the portions in the static syllabus also will be updated to suit the examination.

Is there any restriction to watch the videos(like number of times)?

These is no restriction on number of plays with in your valid period.

You can watch the videos online

Any number of times for one year

Are all 10 topics covered under this course?

UPSC exams are known for covering broad areas by mentioning syllabus briefly. If we observe, year after year questions are being asked from deep concepts for which detailed understanding is required along with emphasis on the basics.

So we covered syllabus extensively for 9 out of 10 topics, starting from basics and finally making students proficient in the subjects.
Coming to 10th topic, i.e current affairs, Hyperloops and video lectures will be provided.

How to ask Doubts?

Unlike in offline classroom coaching, we are committed to clarify all doubts within 24 hours throughout your journey with us. Please send your doubts to the mail id

When asking doubts,

please mention the same in the subject line as Doubt Subject ex: Doubt  Environment
Please mention the Topic name/ Chapter name  in the mail. Ex: Biodiversity
Video number or name and time at which clarification is required, if it is regarding to videos

What are Hyperloops?

We continue the tradition of providing daily news with practice quiz. Apart from this, we hyperloops as below

Monthly Hyperloop: Consolidated monthly current affairs magazine by considering xam oriented topics.

Yearly Hyperloop: Consolidated yearly current affairs magazine one month before the exam by considering exam oriented topics.

Which books I will get upon registration?

All the subjects covered in the lectures along with e-classes practice questions booklet are available as booklets. Daily current affairs are available in pdf format.

When will I get theory booklets?

Theory books are nothing but class notes of the video lectures. Registered students will receive the books by March to their shipping address as mentioned in their accounts.

Is Test Series free for the registered students?

Yes. It is free for the course registered students. Students are informed through the mail once the test series is started.

Can I get refund if not satisfied with the product after purchase?

We do value your hard earned money. Our motto is to provide quality for each penny you pay.

If you find better lectures than we provided here, happily take back your money if it is with in 10 days of your registration

Refund will be considered with in 10 days of course registration
Refund processing fee of 500 rupees will be deducted